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Akemi Quartz Clean & Care 500 ml

Akemi Quartz Clean Tech Sheet

 AKEMI  Quartz Clean & Care is a watery product which contains highly effective, modified organic compounds, combined with cleaning components which do not form layers. The product is supplied in a pump spray bottle. The product has been especially developed
for quartz-based stone (Engineered Stone) and is distinguished by the following qualities:

  • effectively cleans surface marks
  • suitable for regular cleaning and care
  • enhances the resistance of quartz surfaces to stubborn staining (e.g. pen-tip pens, marker pens)
  • refreshes the surfaces lustre and features
  • fresh & clean fragrance added 
  • resistant to UV radiation
  • tack-free hardening
  • foodsafe

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Akemi Quartz Clean and Care 500ml x 2

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