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Travertine Cleaning in Altrincham

Sick and tired of your once beautiful travertine floor, wish you had never put travertine down in your kitchen, thinking of ripping it up. If you have thought or think any of these things you are not alone in Alrincham. We Absolute Stone Care are specialist in stone restoration and cleaning travertine floors in Altrincham. We come from a stone background and understand all types of stone and what your travertine floor will need in order for it to be restored like new to the once beautiful floor it was when it was first installed in your Altrincham home and easier to clean.

We not only clean your travertine floor tiles but also fill and repair holes and cracks, clean grout or regrout, but also diamond polish to give the required finish that you want from your travertine floor. Actually the best thing that you ever did was put down travertine, Limestone or Marble in your Altrncham home, because it can be deep chemically cleaned and restored.

If you want to see how your travertine floor can look in your Altrincham home, click here to see our Gallery.

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