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Junckers Worktop Oil

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Junckers Rustic Oil is solvent-borne, impregnating urethane hardening oil. Specifically formulated use on solid wood kitchen worktops and work surfaces. Junckers Rustic Oil renovates and maintains oil-treated kichen worktops and work surfaces.

As the largest manufacturer of high quality hardwood flooring and hardwood kitchen worktops and work surfaces in Europe under its RUSTIC brand, and with its own complimentary specialist coatings plant, Junckers has 25 years experience in developing the very best and safest oils and lacquers for kitchen worktops and work surfaces. You can rest assured that Junkers Rustic Oil lives up to the Junckers name and provides the ideal oil finish for your hardwood kitchen worktops and work surfaces. Oil treatment adds a deep warm glow to timber surfaces, enhancing the natural grain and structure of the wood. Oiled kitchen worktops and work surfaces are hard-wearing, providing a practical and easily maintained finish.
Use on Junckers Hardwood Rustic Kitchen Worktops and work surfaces as well as other oil-treated/untreated wooden kitchen worktops.
Easy to apply and maintain.
Makes spot maintenance possible.
Remarkable coverages.

Coverage: Oil treated wood 20-50 square meters per litre, untreated wood 5-10 square meters per litre. Drying time: dry to the touch after 8 hours, ready for use after 24 hours. Apply using low-lint/lint-free cloth or brush for small areas less than 4 square meters, or short pile roller/spray in combination with a nylon scouring pad for areas greater then 4 square meters.

 System Recommendations:

 1 impregnating coat of Rustic Oil (5m² per litre), 2 thin coats of Rustic Oil (50m² per litre). Kitchen Work surfaces and work tops should be regularly maintained. Apply a new thin coat of Rustic Oil to avoid the surface from turing dull.

 Available in a 0.75, 2.5 & 5 Litre sizes.

750 ml   = £29.95 Including Uk Delivery

2.5 litre  = £44.95 Including Uk Delivery

5 litre     = £69.95 Including Uk Delivery

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