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Marble floor repolished

I am absolutely delighted with the results. I will definately use Lee's services again, punctual and hardworking, fantastic! Kim Tighe, Lymm. March 2012

what we did - The crema marfil floors throughout the house had lost all of there shine, a section due to an extention to the conservatory had been put down and the wrong grout colour had been used. We chemically cleaned the tiles and grout lines, we diamond polished the marble tiles to a lovely high shine, we remove the old grout in the conservatory where the wrong colour grout had been used and regrouted. The results where wonderful. click here to see pictures



Restore and Regrout Marble floor

I am very happy with the results, my floor is like new! Mrs Kay, Gatley Cheshire. March 2012

what we did - The customer had inherited this natural stone floor when she moved into the house, she was contemplating ripping up as the floor was badly fitted, worn with holes and badly grouted. We chemically cleaned, filled holes, diamond polished tiles and regrouted the floors. They looked stunning. click here to see pictures



Restore and re-grout old travertine floor.

I would highly recommend this company. My travertine kitchen floor has been restored so that it now looks brand new. I am delighted with the results. L Atherfold, Cheadle Hulme. March 2012

what we did - The travertine kitchen floor was in bad condition, the customer had lost hope. We chemical machine cleaned, filled in the holes, diamond pad polished, re-grouted and sealed, it looked like new!



Chemical clean Travertine Floor.

Excellent, professional, friendly service. Travertine floor was made like new. I would recommend for future use. Thank you Lee! John Stevenson, Flixton, Manchester. Feb 2012

what we did - The patterned unfilled travertine floor and grout lines had become very dirty, we machine chemical cleaned the tiles and grout lines and sealed with Ltp Mattstone and gave a buff finish.



Travertine Floor Cleaning & Polishing.

Very happy with the results. Mrs Phillips, Bramhall. Feb 2012

what we did - The customer was so unhappy with her travertine floors, she wanted a slight shine as they were very dirty and dull, we chemical cleaned and put a nice shine on the tiles, she is now happy with her floor.



Marble Floor Polishing.

All work carried out on time and to budget. Standard of work far exceeded my expectations. Floor was dull, tired and we thought it would need replacing, after completion the floor was like brand new clean and gleaming. Lee was pleasant and courteous. I cannot reccomend him or his firm highly enough. Mr & Mrs Overland, Urmston, Manchester. Feb 2012

what we did - The marble floors were dull with no shine and the grout line where very dirty, we deep cleaned and used our specially formulated diamond system to polish the tiles to a beautiful shine.



Restore Travertine Floor.

Our travertine floor tiles have seen five years of heavy traffic and some rather heavy handed mopping. Lee has managed to clean and restore the tiles to there former glory. They look just like new. Lee provided a courteous reliable and thorough service - I would recommend him without hesitation. M Bromely, Knutsford, Cheshire. Jan 2012

what we did - We deep cleaned travertine floor, in reception office in Stockport.



Polish Baltic Brown Granite Worktops.

Two very courteous lads, Lee and Adrian did an excellant job re-sealing and polishing my baltic brown granite worktops. Very pleased, Thank you. Mrs Seddon, Middlewhich, Cheshire. Nov 2011

what we did - We deep clean, sealed and polished to a lovely shine the baltic brown granite worktops.



Deep clean indian fossil sandstone tiles.

It looks like a new floor, very happy with the finished result. Lowrey family, Miiddleton. Nov 2011

what we did - The tiles where black with ingrained dirt, the family where very unhappy with the floor, we deep pore cleaned the tiles and they came up beautifully. Indian fossil sandstone tiles are a lovely sandstone colour with fern fossils in them and tiles that look like woodgrain. click here to see an example.



Restore and repair emerald pearl granite worktop.

Very good service. Will definately use you again. Patricia, Bowden Altrincham. Nov 2011

what we did - The emerald pearl granite worktops where fitted 20 years ago, fitted with a very small chamfer, it had lots of chips along the edge. We chamfered the edge and deep cleaned, sealed and repolished. The worktops looked like new! The customers daughter commente that they looked brand new!



Restore and fill travertine floor.

I can't believe you have brought this floor back to life. Mrs Dunne, Wigan. Nov 2011

what we did - The travertine floor ran through the kitchen, into the open area lounge, it had been poorly laid and was worn out with lots of holes in it, the bcustomer had contemplated replacing it. We filled the holes and repolished the floor tiles, regrouted one area in the kitchen. We also deep cleaned an old mosaic victorian floor and sealed all floors. They looked fantastic, she is now back in love with her floors. click here to see pictures



Deep clean of handmade spanish tiles.

The tiles had not been cleaned for 20 years. When we bought the house the immediate intention was to rip them up. Lee came and did what he said he would and the floors look great and will be staying. Would recommend Lee and his company too anyone. Mr Wicks, Marton, Nr Macclesfied. Nov 2011

what we did - The beautiful handmade spanish tiles were extremely dirty and had not been cleaned for 20 years, we deep cleaned and sealed them, through the hall, kitchen and utility.



Rejuvenate Granite worktops.

Excellant work. Very helpful and knowledgable, would recommend to anyone. Mr Jones, Knutsford. Nov 2011

what we did - The Verde bahia worktops had been chipped and needed care and attention, we deep cleaned, sealed and cream polished for added protection and shine. They looked stunning!


Strip, deep clean and refinish Limestone floors.

Floors like new! Everyone to take shoes off. Mrs Dingle, Crosby Liverpool. Oct 2011

what we did- The Limestone floors through out the house, a artifical polish had been put on the tiles which had worn really badly, we stripped back the tiles and diamond polished the limestone tiles and sealed finished.


Restoration of worktops and marble floors.

Excellant! Really lovely job, nothing too much to ask, above and beyond. Mrs Lucchi, Worsley. Oct 2011

what we did - The marble floors had worn a lost there shine, we deep machine cleaned and polished the marble floors, the antique brown worktops, we deep cleaned, sealed and cream polished for added protection and shine.


Star Galaxy worktops deep clean and restore.

A wonderful transformation! Would definately recommend. Mrs Brown, Warrington. Sept 2011

what we did - The star galaxy worktops were in need of a bit of attention, their were a few marks that needed attention, we deep cleaned, sealed and cream polished for added protection and shine.


Deep clean and restore of travertine floor.

Brilliant job lovely and smooth, looks brand new! Rachel, Middleton, Manchester. Sept 2011

what we did - The travertine floor had become worn and needed help, we deep cleaned and diamond polished the floor, the floor came up like new. see pictures



Deep clean and restore of slate, limestone, marble, granite floor tiles and worktops.

Lee came and did what he said he would do and more! Excellant results and workmanship, i have no hesitation in reccomending Lee for his service. Peter, Near Congleton August 2011

what we did - The Hall and Coach house had beautiful floors, we deep cleaned the kitchen, utilty, dining room, hallway, living room and snooker room, slate and flagstones and sealed them with a lovely shine, the customer was over the moon! The main house we deep cleaned the marble hallway, slate conservartory, limestone kichen and utility. The entrance hall through to the swimming pool which we polished the marble mosaic to a beautiful shine. The swimming pool was stunning the fossiled limestone was in desperate need of a deep clean and seal after work had been done on the swimming pool, the floor came up like new.


Swimming pool tile cleaning.

Two very polite men and a smashing job. A. McGain, Poynton, Stockport. August 2011

what we did - The swimming pool had work done on it, the tiles had become very dirty, we restored them till they looked like new..


Limestone stain removal.

Service with a Smile! Mr Lowrey, Middleton, Manchester. August 2011

what we did - The limestone worktop had become stained with lemon and fresh orange, we polished out the stains and sealed the worktops to a lovely shine.


Limestone & Travertine cleaning and restoring in Knutsford.

Absolute came to my employer's house to restore the floors. The team were very courteous, proficient at their job, hard working and have done an amazing job. I know that my employer will appreciate the hard work the team did and will be very pleased and astounded with the end result. I would reccomend highly to everyone! Evelyn, house manager, Knutsford. August 2011

Lee & Adrian have done an amazing job. They are professional and are extremely passionate about what they do! I would reccomend Absolute Care to anyone! Chantel, estate manager, Knutsford. August 2011

what we did - The light limestone tiles ran thru the hallway, kitchen, utility, pool and bar area, they had become very dirty and grubby. After our work they looked like new! The stairs and steps were made of limestone slabs again they had become dirty, grubby and in need of repairing, we cleaned and repaired. The bathrooms were in italian travertine and a brown limestone, we cleaned and sealed for protection. click here to see pictures


Advice and supplying of products.

First class service and advice received with regard to sealing white kashmir marble table top for use in the garden. Product supplied lithofin mn stainstop perfect and easy to apply and works a treat. Thanks bob Mr B Lee. July 2011

what we did - We gave advice over theinternet and supplied the products.


Slate floor cleaning and bathroom floor cleaning.

Absolutely delighted at the results - the tiled floors look like new after much use. Well worth doing and will deep clean and re-seal each year as a matter of priority. Good Job Lee. Mr & Mrs Duncan, Altrincham. June 2011

what we did - The slate tiles in the kitchen and dining room had become really dirty ingrained into the slate, when we chemically machine cleaned, all the beautiful colours in the slate came out and looked like new. The mosaic tiles in the bathrooms where grubby, we chemically machine cleaned and sealed and they looked fantastic.


Travertine floor restoration in Tytherington Macclesfield.

Excellant work - the floor looks like new. All holes in the stone were filled, so that they are now completely unnoticeable. Friendly service and super results. Thanks. Mr & Mrs Bradbury, Tytherington, Macclesfied. June 2011

what we did - This is the customer belows next door neighbour, the travertine tiles had become badly damaged and dirty, we chemically cleaned the tiles and restored to beautiful condition, Mrs Bradbury commented she had fallen in love with her tiles again.click here for pictures


Marble floor restoration in Tytherington Macclesfield.

Before and after pictures show the significant improvement. Excellant service from start to finish. 12 month top up without doubt!! Mr & Mrs Hughes, Tytherington, Macclesfied. May 2011

what we did - The marble tiles had totally lost there shine and were in real need of restoration, we chemically clean and diomond polished to bring a beautiful shine once again. click here to see pictures


Unfilled Travertine floor cleaning in Bolton.

Great Job, truly transforms the tiles. Lee was punctual, very informative, left the premises in a clean condition AAA* ! Mr & Mrs Haslam, Bolton. May 2011

what we did - These unfilled Travertine tiles and grout were very dirty, we chemically machine cleaned the tiles and grout lines and sealed the tiles with Lithofin slate seal.


Travertine floor restoration in wilmslow.

We are delighted with the result of Lee's work, the floor is now as good as new! We have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending him. Mr Johnson Wilmslow, Cheshire. May 2011

what we did - The large Travertine tiles 600 x 600 had lost there luster, due to wear and tear, there where a few large open cracks and holes that had appeared. We restored the tiles to there former glory and filled the cracks and holes.


Repair chip on kitchen worktop.

Excellant workmanship! Would never have known where the damage was. I would definately use Lee again - hopefully i won't have to!!! I would recommend to anyone. Mr & Mrs Bugler Alderley Edge. May 2011

what we did - This silestone worktop had been damaged by a cup which had dropped out of the cupboard and hit the edge of the worktop, we filled the chip and repolished the worktop to great results.


Floor yearly maintenance.

I have the yearly maintenance contract with Lee for my travatine kitchen floor. It was Just starting to get grubby again from the dog and kids. Lee phoned to say it had been a year since the last clean. He cleaned and resealed the floor and It looks gorgeous!. Mr & Mrs Rea, Hale Cheshire. April 2011

what we did - This customer has a yearly maintenance pack . click here for pictures


Granite worktop deep clean and reseal.

Quick attention, very thorough inspection and understanding of the granite. Everything done on time well and I can fully recommend Lee for whatever advises. Mr & Mrs Tawil, Sale Manchester. April 2011

what we did - The Shivashi granite worktop was staining really badly and had lost its shine, we deep cleaned, resealed and polished the worktop to a lovely shine once again.


Restoring and repolishing of creme marfil marble vanity top.

The work was carried out cleanly with brilliant results. There were stains caused by all sorts of products and heat that I had thought must be impossible to remove from such light marble but Absolute Granite Care has restored them to their former glory. A wonderful professional service at a reasonable price. AL, Whitefield Manchester. April 2011

what we did - The crema marfil marble vanity top had been stained by different products, we removed the stains repolished the marble and left it with a beautiful shine once again.


Restoring and cleaning of Limestone kitchen floor.

My kitchen floor is very large and was extremely dirty, due to it not being sealed correctly. Lee has done a fantastic job, it looks like new. I was considering taking the floor up, now I don't have to! Mrs H Taylor, Urmston Manchester. February 2011

what we did - This limestone floor was badly worn and really dirty, the customer was really unhappy wiyh the condition of their floor, we deep cleaned the limestone floor and sealed the floor and it looked absolutely fantastic.


Restoring and cleaning a one hundred and thirty year old original marble floor.

Lee visited at very short notice to tackle the cleaning of our marble floor. Great advice, professional service and overall a nice guy. The floor looks 100 times better with 100 less years of dirt! Mr B Hodges. Bretby, Derby. February 2011

what we did - This orginal 130 year old farm house floor was badly worn and dirty, we deep cleaned the floor, hand polished stubborn sections and polished the floor with polishing powders to bring back a sheen to this beautiful marble floor.


Repairing of crack in slate shower panels.

THANKS LEE, Great job, customer very happy with finish. Rob the joiner. Chelford Macclesfield. January 2011

what we did - The slate shower panel had been cracked when putting the shower door on. We repaired the crack to as you can see a customer well satisfied.


Working & fitting of granite kitchen worktops.

Very professional and friendly service. Worked late to get the job done. Kitchen looks beautiful. Thank you. Mrs A Reid. Bowden Altrincham, Cheshire. January 2011

what we did - Replaced granite worked existing granite to make beautiful Verde Bahia granite kitchen worktops with upstands and backplate, sealed and polished existing granite. click here to see pictures


Repairing of Quartz kitchen worktops.

Prompt & very efficient service highly recommend their excellent advice & care. Very good! Mrs Doweck, Hale Barns, Cheshire. January 2011

what we did- The quartz kitchen worktops that had been fitted with a mitred downstand had come away and needed repairing, we repaired the downstands, silicone seal and bowl that had come loose.


Replacement Granite worktops.

Lee's workmanship was excellent all through preperation and fitting. Mr J Castle. Irlam Salford January 2011

what we did- The kitchen had laminate worktops on, the customer extended the kitchen and we fitted granite worktops in verde bahia in his kitchen and utility. click here to see pictures


Granite worktops repolish & new granite upstands fitted.

I found Lee to be very easy to talk to and helpful. Mrs Waring. Altrincham. December 2010

what we did - This Giallo Veneziano granite worktops had been in for 4 years and required a deep clean, sealing and cream polish with a buff to shine. The customer always wanted some matching upstands which she regretted not installing at the installation of the granite worktops. We took numerous samples around to get the best match and installed her new granite upstands.


Repolishing of Limestone Fireplace.

Lee is friendly and very helpful. I did have staining problems which I had removed myself from a limestone fireplace, but it had become rough with the treatment. I am really thankful that I found Lee to smooth the finish. It looks as good as new now. A Thornthwaite, Neston The Wirral. &

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