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What we did- This beautiful Blue Pearl granite kitchen worktops in Didsbury Manchester, was brought back to life with a deep clean and a Reseal, Polished up with a Cream polish to bring a shine to the worktops. Silcone sealing needed touching up.

What we did - This beautiful limestone Bathroom in Didsbury Manchester was in major need of TLC by Absolute Granite Care as the floor had become unprotected and grout had failed, we deep cleaned the Floor and wall tiles, the shower tray had become worn we honed down the limestone shower tray, Re-grouted the shower tray and floor and Resealed to bring back to life this beautiful Bathroom. 

What we did - The hotels Quartz Bartops needed deep cleaning, Abolute Quartz Care deep cleaned the Bar tops bringing back to life and like new bar tops. 


What we did - This Carrara Marble table had been badly stained with no shine and burnt by what had been spilt on it, we deep cleaned the Carrara Marble table top and underside taking all the dirt out, we then sealed the table with 3 coats of Lithofin MN stainstop, then once the seal had penetrated we started to build up the polish with numerous applications of Lithofin cream polish to bring a shine, now with our yearly maintenance we can continue to build up the polish of a once dull Marble Table.



 What we did – Lemon Spice is a beautiful Granite with lots of movement in it a light Granite that is natural porous, we deep sealed the Granite, cream polished and polished and buffed up to a lovely shine.

 What we did - The Carrara marble tiles in this Manchester hotel had not been sealed or maintained for 30 years, we deep cleaned the tiles with special chemical cleaner, removing years of in grained dirt. After allowing to dry we resealed with chemical sealant then we wax polished to bring back sheen then whitened the grout with grout whitener.

 What we did – The Black Granite Fireplace hearth was badly marked from years of use, it also had been splattered with paint spots from decorating. After stripping the fire down we deep cleaned the Black Granite hearth, re-sealed and cream polished and buffed to high shine. The Fireplace Hearth is now sealed and protected, that even toby the cat was happy with the results.



What we did - The Travertine/Marble Island was in need of cleaning, re-sealing and polishing.  The wooden worktops were dry and badly marked and in need of some attention.  The customers had bought this house and the Worktops had been neglected. We deep cleaned, resealed and polished the island. The Wood Worktops we cleaned, sanded down to remove as many black marks as possible and re-oiled with plenty of coats of anti-bacterial wood oil. Belfast sink badly marked restored and buffed like new.


What we did - This Clive Christian kitchen with a Marble worktop had been badly stained with no shine and burnt by what had been spilt on it, we deep cleaned the Marble kitchen worktops, we then sealed the countertops, then once the seal had penetrated we started to build up the polish with numerous applications of Lithofin cream polish to bring a shine,the customer had been considering replacing and in the past had other companies out to it. We also cleaned the belfast sink and buffed to a shine, leaving it as good as new.

What we did - This travertine tiled hallway, kitchen and conservatory in house that had been let in Knutsford, was very badly cared for by the previous tennant and left dirty,  We deep cleaned the travertine tiles and drew out as much dirt as possible with cleaning chemicals and Re-sealed and buffed polished, now we have a clean, protected floor.

What we did- This beautiful black granite kitchen worktops in Stretford Manchester, had been installed for around 10 years.  It had a few ring marks that we where able to remove, some ring marks cannot be removed out of Granite.  We brought back to life with a deep clean and a reseal, polished with a cream polish to bring a shine to the worktops. We also restored the stainless steel sink as seen above.

What we did- Mosaic floor in Sale Manchester, we machine cleaned and sealed this new bathroom mosaic floor for a builder in Sale, Manchester.

What we did- This beautiful flame textured limestone kitchen worktop had been burnt by white vinegar, we deep cleaned and sealed and built up the polish with cream polish leaving a lovely sheen.

What we did - This travertine tiled kitchen, conservatory was vey badly marked and dirty, that the customer was ready to rip the floor up and replace. We deep cleaned the travertine floor and resealed to give it protection. The customer now says it was like when new, the customer has now taken on a bespoke maintenance program. The Kitchen worktops were brought back to life, the recessed draining board had become dull and needed some work and you can see the results yourself.

What we did - This terrazzo flooring in Waitross Wilmslow had been covered over in the wines and spirits department, the floor covering had began to lift.  We along with a floor company from Birmingham lifted the floor covering, removed the screed underneath and restored the terrazzo floor to it's former glory. 

What we did - This well cared for black granite kitchen worktop,we deep cleaned, resealed and buffed finished we also cleaned and sealed the travertine mosaic tiles, we restored the belfast sink.  This customer is now on our yearly maintenance program.


What we did - At this customers in Stockport we cleaned Limestone Fireplace and resealed, also we restored these Star Galaxy worktops and deep cleaned travertine floor and re-sealed.

What we did - This beautiful house in hale, altrincham, cheshire. The wooden floors had been laid last year by the old builders but not protected so builders were walking thru on these beautiful wooden floors with boots, dirt and grit where beginning to damage these floors. We restored these floors to the condition that is expected from such beautiful wood.  We also sealed the bathrooms and polished the beautiful granite kitchen worktops to showroom condition. 

What we did - These wooden floors we stripped  and re-laquered to a beautiful condition.

what we did - The shivakashi granite worktops had no protection as the sink area was leaving damp areas in the stone where water had splashed onto the surface and also oil had stained the surface.  We drew some of the oil out of the work surfaces and deep cleaned and heavily sealed this granite as Shivakashi is a very porous granite and cream polished for extra protection and shine.  The patio area was a beautiful travertine slabs we deep cleaned and sealed them. 


 What we did- These beautiful marble statues where in desperate need of repairing of cracks, cleaning, restoring, we deep cleaned, polished, repaired the marble and sealed also cream polished for protection, they are now protected.

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