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Can I use LTP Ironwax on Slate insde our fireplace with a Stove?

Q:Hi there,

I hope you don't mind me emailing you but I found your details on ebay, so thought I would ask for your advice.

It's in relation to one of your products - LTP ironwax gloss sealer - wet look. 

Can we use this product on slate tiles which we have over our fireplace and inside - we have just purchased a multifuel stove and i must make sure that everything we use is fire resistant.

Sorry if I appear rather 'stupid' but I want to ensure that we use the right sealer and I would like the slate to look nice (typical women!!!)

Thanks for your help.


A:Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your enquiry, don’t worry it is a good question, yes Iron wax can be used on a slate fire and inside with a stove, as long as there is no direct flame onto it, even then it would just burn the seal of.

LTP Ironwax

It will make the slate look really nice.

Many Thanks


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