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LTP Mattstone H20 1 Litre Stainstop

LTP Mattstone H20 Tech Sheet

Water based Impregnating Sealer
Interior & exterior use. Low odour

For all types of natural and artificial stone, quarry, brick & paving. Honed, rough cut and polished surfaces A natural finish water based impregnating sealer. Delicately enhances colour. Helps protect against staining. Strongly repels water, oil and grease. Allows surface to breathe.

Coverage: per 10m2

Lower porosity floors - approximately 1-2 litres
Higher porosity floors - approximately 3-4 litres
Polished floors - approximately .5 litre

£22.90 Including uk Delivery

 LTP Mattstone H20 1 Litre Stainstop

£89.95 Including uk Delivery

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