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Travertine Floor Cleaning

Travertine is a natural material and is a form of limestone, which makes it beautiful for building and flooring material even the Colosseum being built mainly out of Travertine.

Travertine has more recently been used as flooring for Kitchens, hallways, living rooms, conservatorys and bathrooms, with its beautiful, cream, beige, tan, browm colours has had people loving it when it is first laid.  Over the years though it has become dirty and badly marked with floors being used so much, that household cleaners do not remove leaving householders unhappy. 

With travertine being porous and a honeycomb materrial it requires deep cleaning of the travertine with stone cleaning chemicals with machinea and diamond polishing. This process of deep cleaning, diamond polishing and re-sealing of your travertine floors will make your floors look brand new again. Click here for our Gallery and examples of our work.

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