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Testimonial Natural Stone Clean & Polish Marple Stockport

Dear Lee

Thank you so much for the beautiful job you have done to our travertine tiled floors. After four years of wear and tear I 'despaired' particularly over the cleaning of my kitchen floor. The grouting was constantly dirty, small holes had appeared on some of the tiles and the tiles lacked lustre and life! After some research on the internet, Gordon discovered 'Absolute Stone Care' and what a treasure of a find!

Thank you for cleaning the tiles thoroughly, repairing the holes and restoring the tiles with a shiny, protective finish. Your 'magic' touch has certainly eased the cleaning chores for me.

Thank you,too, for your professional advice and your gracious manner.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services and to contact you again in the future.

With gratitude

Denis Haynes

Marple, Stockport

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