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Q: I am researching various granite types for kitchen countertops. We like the appearance of the kashmir gold granite from india. We are concerned about staining. I understand that it is more porous than some other granites and wondered if you have experience with this type of stone? Would you recommend kashmir gold for kitchen use?

Thank you,

A: Hi John,  Thank you for your enquiry, Kashmir Gold is a beautiful stone that yes is more porous than other ‘Granites’ that are darker and more dense.  I have just had a lighter Granite installed which is Creamy Gold, I will need to make sure that this is sealed really properly and maintained. Kashmir gold is fine for kitchen worktops as long as  it is sealed properly, you will need to care for your Granite and make sure that the seal doesn’t breakdown.  Please be careful of oils, acids or acidic foods, red wine or any cleaners that has disinfectant or bleach as this can breakdown the protection. For daily cleaning use Lithofin MN Easy clean Spray this helps maintains protection and cleans, we sell these products if you require any of them. We also provide this service for you deep cleaning with chemicals, re-sealing and cream polishing which gives added protection, buffed to a lovely shine.

Hope this has helped. Many Thanks.  Lee


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